“We Work to Maintain The Highest Level of Client Satisfaction, Always”


Associated Recovery Corporation created an innovative system for collecting our clients debts, as well maintaining and learning the most uptodate methods and resources also attributes to our success. ARC is the leader and the most professional choice that makes us ideal for any company or industry whether it be one account or a large number of accounts that you entrust with us.

The system we use in our normal course of business capable of accepting accounts manually, diskette, tape, or by modem.  We utilize all the uptodate techniques in our collection approaches.

When working your receivables our intial approach involves contacting debtors by telephone. In fact, ARC handles most of its collections by phone, providing a comfortable, low pressure setting for debtors. All sensitive information is quickly placed in our system and worked immediately. First, a soft approach “politely” begins requesting payment as soon as an account is even one day late. Then we start a process that mails a series of three increasingly strict payment demans or reminders over the course of six weeks, all from ARC America on behalf of our client. In most cases, the fact that ARC Americais involved facilitates faster payments.

If the debt remains unpaid, our automated credit reporting procedures automatically takes over and ensures the strongest possible derogatory on one’s credit report – thus motivating debtors to pay on their account. 

The software Associated Recovery Corporation provides offers your firm specialized accounting and reports, providing business owners with a clear and transparent insight into the overall collection progress.

To ensure the proper handling of each call to a debtor, ALL OF OUR CALLS ARE RECORDED AND MONITORED by ARC Management.  This also assures that everything we do is  compliant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Simply enter your debt and to protect yourself from bad debt losses. Get started today.