COMPANY HISTORY  collection agency

  • Combined 20 years collection experience in the AR management industry
  • Global market place infrastructure
  • Management Through Innovation philosophy 
  • Vast array of services answering the complete AR needs of:
  • Large corporation conglomerates
  • Small and medium size businesses



  • Function with your in-house system via online connections
  • Fully staffed technology department for client support
  • Accounts receivable management software provided to clients
  • High-speed computer systems provides state-of-the-art integration of data
  • Asset investigation capabilities online or via CD-ROM library
  • E-mail & EDI capable
  • Allows clients to be online and produce a variety of cash analysis reports
  • Develop Customized link-up systems based on your specific needs



  • Custom designed following your specific accounting and analysis requirements 
  • East to read, accurate with comprehensive page lay-outs 
  • Available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or as scheduled



  • EASE: Efficient Assignment Speeds Earnings See EASE Page 
  • Cash Payments directly into your account 
  • No more third party trust accounts 
  • IDC: Invoice Driven Collections – See IDC Page 
  • EPP (early placement program) 
  • Personalized, up-scale AR correspondence 
  • Lower fees. Accelerated cash-flow 
  • Lead to higher profit margins with less stress



  • Seminars presented on site and during sessions geared to enhance client staff productivity 
  • Topics include internal collection procedures, management, and communication skills


  • Industry specific collection procedures
  • Customer sensitive techniques aimed at customer retention
  • Total asset investigation capabilities
  • International legal representation through in-house attorneys
  • Collector inventory control to maximize results


  • Remittance programs channel collected funds directly into your bank
  • Flexible remittance options